We Even Make a Turtle Go Up hill...

About Us


Ummeed Consultants aims to be a growth centric organisation with associates spread far and wide across the globe. It works as a catalyst to leapfrog the business to take it to where it potentially belongs. Fuelled by the strength of its ideas  even  a tortoise can easily move up the hill.


To be a a global leader in providing consultancy services in business related to sales and marketing, taking business to new markets in various geographies, providing customised solutions to business needs anytime anywhere including professional and personal counselling.

Core Values
  • Customer Commitment
  • High Quality of Service
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Respect for people
  • Good Citizenship - Caring Capitalism
  • Will to Win
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Strategic Solutions to Marketing Problems

As companies aim to grow larger and more lucrative, short term planning in sales and marketing needs to be replaced by a long term strategic approach.

Decades of corporate experience in highly specialised markets has given us the expertise to understand and anticipate marketing challenges and strategically minimise risks while consistently increasing revenue.

Using Technology As A Competitive Advantage

IT is changing the landscape of modern marketing. From big data analysis to digital marketing strategies, technology is making it increasingly remunerative to engage with existing and potential clients online. From social media to e-commerce, we help you stay ahead of the competition by enhancing client relations and promoting your business.

Strategy Execution

Taking a strategy from a proposal to functioning well on the front lines is a challenge. One has to align the organisation with the strategy, plan operations, and consistently regulate and adapt the plan to ensure its success.

Our customer relations are our top priority, and we believe that a customer once is a customer for life. This comes with a guarantee for our clients that none of our work will ever be solely on paper- Ummeed Consultants will partner with you until our plans are perfectly executed in the real world.