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- Digitization and digitalization in pharmaceutical industry: opportunities and challenges in India

Upadhyaya Sanjay Kumar (Page Nos. 23-29)

Digitization has become an indispensable function of business. Indian pharma is in infancy phase of digitization and digitalization. In the initial stages every sector and industry resist the changes initiated. But change is the law of life for betterment. There are many challenges facing the Indian pharma industry which is highly and intensively regulated by the Government of India. However, digitization and digitalization bring transparency, accuracy, increased productivity and cost effectiveness besides speeding up of services.

In this study, the Indian pharma sector is studied in terms of its growth, market size in relation to global figures and then the concept of digitization and digitalization in pharma is introduced and a small survey of the perceptions of medical representatives is undertaken and this is followed by a list of challenges.

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- Relationship among public finance, money, tax and price level

Biswas Shyamapada

Public finance is closely associated with Government's revenue generation and it is a vital issue for ensuring balanced sustainable economic and social development. The object of this study is to investigate the views of academics and researchers about the relationship among public finance, money, tax and inflation using secondary literature. The findings of the study show that regarding the issue, there are contradictory and confusing remarks and conclusions.

The study needs more intensive investigations to understand the relationship among public finance, money, tax and price level determination and propose appropriate solution. This study is a unique one because out of the vast materials with extensive models and identities, brief but precise and understandable proposition have been made.

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- An Analytical Study on Prescription Behavior of Healthcare Professionals in Anantapur District

Sanjay Kumar Upadhyaya (Page Nos. 219-233) - Vol.9, No.4, October-December 2019, Article:2

India is the third largest country in bulk drug production. The pharmaceutical sector in India was valued at US$ 33 billion in 2017. The country's pharmaceutical industry is expected to expand at a CAGR of 22.4 per cent over 2015-20 to reach US$ 55 billion. India's pharmaceutical exports reached US$ 19.14 billion in FY19. Pharmaceutical exports include bulk drugs, intermediates, drug formulations, biologicals, Ayush & herbal products and surgicals. Indian companies received 304 Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) approvals from the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) in 2017. The country accounts for around 30 per cent (by volume) and about 10 per cent (value) in the US$ 70-80 billion US generics market. India's biotechnology industry comprising biopharmaceuticals, bio-services, bio-agriculture, bio-industry and bioinformatics is expected to grow at an average growth rate of around 30 per cent a year and reach US$ 100 billion by 2025. In India makers and marketers of pharmaceuticals do spend a major portion on training Medical Representatives, on brochures, on leave behinds and on samples for physicians use. This paper is a descriptive study to trace out the doctors' prescription behavior with respect to average number of patients examined per day, their prescription habit and dispensing behavior to prescribe strategies to pharma product makers to deal and tackle the medical doctors.

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