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Setting Up Business in Emerging Markets
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    Finalising the strategy for a territory in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The pharmaceutical industry in Sub-Saharan Africa is poised to grow into a $15 billion opportunity by 2020, spurred on by rapid urbanisation, increased healthcare spending and investment, and the ever-rising rates of chronic lifestyle diseases. Without the right guidance, however, it is an overwhelmingly challenging market to break into: one needs not only a perfect understanding of the pharmaceutical business but also in-depth knowledge of intra-African and regional market differences.

Sanjay Upadhyaya, head of Ummeed Consultants, has over 3 decades of experience in expanding sales in the pharmaceutical industry in India, Nepal and Sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on catalysing growth in the emerging healthcare market. He has vast experience both in sales and marketing pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and healthcare devices, which he has leveraged to help clients like Pfizer Nigeria in achieving their business expectations.

Having spent over a decade working from the grass root levels to help in structuring a giant organisation in Africa, and with a team of experts to cater to every possible need that might arise for a Pharma business seeking to grow or enter into emerging market countries, Sanjay and his associates at Ummeed Consultants are perfectly equipped to guide you through the labyrinth of conflicting laws and regulations. Additionally, Africa is currently in a transition phase, on its way to achieving adherence to global standards for manufacturing; in this area, as well as in the domain of specialised sales and marketing, the services of Ummeed Consultants are critical for driving sales and catalysing growth opportunities across the continent.

Whether your company is native to these countries or is looking to export permissible products to these markets, partnering with Ummeed Consultants will help you achieve and exceed your targets in sales and growth, and minimise the risks of burning your fingers.