We Even Make a Turtle Go Up hill...


HealthPlus Limited

The founder and CEO of Health Plus Limited and Casa Bella International, Bukky George has played a key role in the modern Nigeria retail pharmaceutical business with her pharmacy Health Plus. Bukky is a registered pharmacist both at PCN in Nigeria as well as the RPS in UK.

Bukky found in Sanjay some of the traits which were in line with her own. A good connect was that both Bukky and Sanjay worked for Smith Kline Beecham which is now GlaxoSmithKline, though in different parts of the world. Like Sanjay she too has a highly positive mind and in her own words she says there is no problem in the world which does not have a solution. She was very happy to engage professionally with Sanjay and both are now connected as affiliates to each other’s organisation.