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Market Entry Consulting
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Venturing into new markets doesn’t just help catalyse growth in your business and build the value of your brand: having multiple markets for your products and services helps protect and sustain your business during difficult times.

A good growth strategy usually includes plans to develop new markets and expand business, but finding ways to penetrate new markets effectively takes a working knowledge of those markets.

At Ummeed Consultants, we have perfected the art of developing market entry strategies that really get results. We combine over 3 decades of corporate experience With excellent market research to help our clients understand the demographics of the new market they are trying to break into, taking into account the requirements of target customers, their interests and preferences, as well as the revenue they can be expected to bring. Our analysis will help identify shortcomings among competitors, enabling clients to take advantage of them and fill in those gaps in the existing market.

We also help give our clients an accurate and in depth understanding of the current and projected growth rates in new markets, identify and overcome barriers to entering them, and the expected investment.

Finally, it is important to put the right sales channels in place, set up infrastructure, navigate legislature, and build relationships with the right organisations. Our strategic guidance will ensure you minimise the risks you take while still enjoying big returns.