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Pharma Sales & Marketing Consulting
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    Reviewing a sales and marketing Strategy

The landscape of marketing pharmaceutical products is changing dramatically, and any business that wishes to navigate it with success will need expert advice and insider information. The forecasted growth of the pharmaceutical industry in emerging markets has led to it growing far more competitive and complicated than ever before, and the old models of doing business that the general think tank has access to no longer work as effectively. Ummeed Consultants offers a unique competitive advantage for companies engaged in manufacturing patented pharmaceutical products or their generic formulations, nutraceuticals and medical equipment.

Advisors and experts at Ummeed consultants have developed a working business model for the coming decade, and offer crucial insights into and knowledge of industry models to our clients, tailoring our services to their exclusive requirements. We serve our clients by helping them develop and finalise their strategic priorities and strategy implementation; we aid them in breaking into emerging markets, in developing marketing and sales infrastructure, reviewing and strengthening manufacturing and process transformation initiatives. Our team has the creativity to ensure the success of new product introductions and assists the establishment of world class facilities.With our legal background, we provide vital support in expediting the drug approvals process, and will help steer our clients through the regulatory tangles all new market entries face.