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Professional Training & Leadership

Professional Training and Leadership Development Service
  • Professional Training and Leadership Development Service

Sanjay Upadhyaya the key trainer at Ummeed Consultants is trained at the University of Cambridge in facilitation and presentation skills.

We bring for our business partners the most effective training and business practices after learning and guiding people in globally renowned houses like GlaxoSmithKline and Imperial Logistics.

Sanjay’s expertise comes from his exposure in global and Indian markets He brings in real life, hands on experience to the fore during his training programs.

Ummeed Consulting with its other partners specializes in Sales and Marketing training, Training on Communication and presentational skills, Motivational skills, People Management skills, Negotiation skills, Retail Chain Management training and specialized Training for Line Managers.

We customize all training programs based on discussions and feedback from stakeholders to meet the specific needs of the organizations who hire us for our services.