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RCD HR Consulting

RCD HR Consulting is a boutique management consulting company based in Bangalore, India. RCD stands for Research, Consulting and Development, and also happen to be the initials of the company’s founder, Ravi C Dasgupta, a seasoned HR professional with over 25 years’ experience in corporate human resources. RCD has helped some of India’s leading businesses build their human resources team from scratch, put in place scalable systems and processes and creating an engaged and efficient work force.

During his career in Human Resources, Ravi has been the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Indira Super Achiever Award in 2003, the HR Leadership Award (Global HR Excellence Awards) for the year 2008-09, and the IPE HR Leadership Award in 2012.

RCD HR Consulting offers a series of customisable packages that are designed to tackle the specific challenges an organisation might be facing based on the size, purpose and final objectives of the clients company. These services are designed to have an immediate and lasting impact on a company’s performance and revenue.

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