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Success Mantra & the Determinants

Success Mantra and the determinants used in first world countries to improve happiness levels.
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Do you know what the determinants of a happy and fulfilling life are? Are you aware that many organisations in the first world countries are using some determinants to improve happiness levels amongst their employees to increase productivity and catalyse growth?

This has been one of the biggest questions people have been thinking about, and a question that has interested many of our ancestors. Gautama Buddha famously gave up his kingdom in search of happiness. Several Greek philosophers (from Aristotle to Epicurus and Plato to Socrates) had their own views on what it takes to be happy. Over the past decade-and-a-half, scientists have gotten into the act big time. We now have a pretty good idea of what it takes to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Sanjay Upadhyaya who has been studying Psychology apart from his mastery in Marketing Management has gathered content from a variety of fields, including psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural decision theory to offer a tested and practical recipe for leading a life of happiness and success. In his training module which he runs over two days he uses lots of research work outcomes from leading professors like Barbara Fredickson, Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Sonja Lyubomirsky and others.

Sanjay has spent time studying Psychology as his passion over last 3 decades and is currently a member of the International Positive Psychology Association in the US. He constantly updates his learning on the subject and has successfully trained executives in Erkadi Systems and is training young executives to be from GIBS Business School to name a few. He explains complex topics in a lucid fashion in his training module which is attracting organisations in first word markets as well. Since this training is activity based, the trainees understand the concepts better. Sanjay ensures that by taking this training the executives will re-discover themselves and understand how happiness leads executives to become successful. He slowly guides them through to know the key behaviour's which are happiness-limiting. He explains how to change behaviours to get rid of them through practice and then leading to what behaviours will make them successful by becoming truly happy. Sanjay expects and ensures that by being attentive during the training session the participants will not only gain a deeper understanding of the science of happiness, but to also be significantly happier and successful in their jobs in particular and their personal lives in general.